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Terms of use


These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the „ Terms of use“), apply to the Company's services:

This is the registrant of the internet domain name under whose control the internet platform is displayed under the same internet address (hereinafter: „platform“). By registering an account, searching and using the services of the platform or making a reservation, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions, including the privacy policy and rules.




Company“„Service Provider” – a legal entity that advertises and offers the provision of transport services (e.g. car or bus transport, taxi transport, limousine service, car rental with driver) via the Platform under the specified conditions.


Customer“ – a natural person who applies through the Platform to use certain services, specifying the conditions under which he is willing to use the services;


Users“ – jointly named companies and customers;


Platform“ – The website, its content and infrastructure, as well as the online reservation services provided on this site, are the property of Sasa Ceculovic PR Internet shops and services Negotin, S. Karapandzina 18/54, MB: 64947303, PIB: 110673637, which carries out its business activities on the Internet through the Platform and deals with the mediation/contacting of customers with companies with relevant offers. This platform offers companies the possibility to advertise, present and offer their services, while it gives customers the possibility to find and compare companies in order to find a suitable offer for their services. By booking the relevant service by the customer, users enter into a direct communication and a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with respect to the use, purchase and payment of the reserved service. The Platform and the entrepreneur Saša Čečulović PR Internet shop and services Negotin does not offer or sell services for the company or other products/services;


Reservation” – The selection of the appropriate company by the Customer, which allows the Customer to access the field on the platform, which is referred to as a binding reservation. Although this service is primarily intended for customers, the Platform also offers this possibility to the companies themselves, who have the option of booking the service of another company in addition to the offer;


E-Confirmation“- A notification received by the Customer after the reservation is made, sent by the Platform in place of or on behalf of the Company, concerning the transmission of relevant data from the reservation of the selected Company. It contains the number of the reservation.


Booking (binding)“ - a field, the selection of which implies the establishment of a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the company, which concerns the purchase and payment of binding reserved services and is deemed to constitute acceptance of the offer or conditions under which the selected company offers the reserved service


Administrator“ – a person responsible for managing and editing the platform and for interaction with users;


Profile“„Account” –an account that users register and create on the Platform in order to highlight requests or offers on the Platform or to access the services provided by the Platform ;


Service“ – Services provided by the Platform that allow Users to create their profiles on the Platform, through which they can establish a faster, easier and more efficient connection in order to establish a business relationship regarding the purchase and payment of the reserved Service;


Offer” – relevant information about the Service Provider, based on information entered by the Company itself on the Platform, which has access to the Platforms systems and thus bears full responsibility for updating prices/payment terms and cancellations/availability and other information displayed on the Platform;


and Cancellation Conditions” –conditions concerning the payment terms for the service, the possibility of refund and the possibility and method of cancellation of the reservation is determined by the companies and is an integral part of their offer;


Cancellation” – a simple termination of the contractual relationship with the Company by the User via the Platform. It is carried out in accordance with the consequences provided for in the Company payment terms and cancellation;


Free form“ - a questionnaire displayed on the platform, where the customer can enter the parameters for the choice of route, information about the group at the customers premises, the desired characteristics and equipment for the provision of the company and the customers contact details from which an enquiry can be derived;


Inquiry” – the customers advertisement created on the basis of the desired parameters specified in the free form;


Filter” – parameters entered by the Customer during the Company search, which relate to selected parameters of the Company (city, country, vehicle year, company rating, number of seats, vehicle equipment, additional vehicle resources, etc.);


User name“ – identification of the user, i.e. first and last name of the customer/name of the company;


Business evaluation“ – business evaluation of customers, expressed as a percentage in relation to the evaluation of quality and services provided;


Questionnaire” „Business evaluation form" ” – a questionnaire containing the parameters on the basis of which the business evaluation is prepared;


Intellectual property rights“ – trademark rights and subjective copyrights as well as rights related to copyrights, which are regulated by the current Law on Copyright and Related Rights[1] the Trademark Law[2] and other positive legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia, which directly or indirectly regulate intellectual property rights issues ;


Privacy Policy “ - The general law of the Platform and the integral part of these Terms of Use is that customers are informed about what personal data is collected by the Platform. The purpose and basis of their processing, the duration of data retention, instructions on the customers rights, incident procedures, as well as the customers consent that the Platform may collect, process and store their personal data contained in this document in the capacity of the Operator u ovom dokumentu.


Rules” – a specific act of the Platform and an integral part of these Terms of Use, which constitute further rules and regulations for companies and customers who use the Service in relation to information that appears to be controversial in the practice of the Platform, are contained in this document. The rules are contained in the second part of the contractual agreement;




1.1. In order for Customers to access the Platform and use the Service and other services of the Platform, it is necessary to read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Rules and to accept these documents to confirm that they agree to all rules and terms of use of the Platform.

1.2. The Platform and the appearance of the Website may be changed or supplemented, in accordance with the Terms of Use and/or the Rules, if necessary to resume operation of the Platform more quickly and efficiently, without prior notice to Customers or in other cases by posting changes on the Platform.

1.3 Amendments to the Terms of Use in accordance with Article 1.2. do not apply to reservations made before the publication of the amended Terms of Use.

1.4 The Platform offers the Service to Customers by contacting the Companies to find an offer that corresponds to the request indicated on the Platform and to enter into a direct legally binding contractual relationship with a reservation.

1.5. A reservation leads to a contractual relationship between the user and the platform, in that the customer confirms the reservation by clicking the field "Binding booking" before it is forwarded to the service provider.

1.6. Services on the platform are free of charge for customers, i.e. they do not owe the platform any fees or commissions.




2.1. Account creation consists of registration and entering the mandatory data of the Customer, acceptance of these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Rules and optionally other elements of the Account based on the data, the entry of which is not mandatory.

2.2. Obligatory elements that are entered/transmitted to successfully create a customer account are:

-name and surname;



-e-mail address;


2.3. Optional elements that are entered/transmitted after the creation of the customer account:

-Photo of the customer, which is publicly displayed on his account;

- Contact Telephone.

2.4. When registering the account, the Customer creates his user name, which is visible to other users, whereby the user name must consist of his first and last name.

2.5. After entering the user name (first name and surname of the Customer), he creates his password, which he re-enters, confirms and then exercises the right to access the Service and other services of the Platform.

2.6. In order to protect and secure the Customers account, the password created must be "strong" and complex, must not consist of general words and must be changed if necessary. The Platform recommends that the password consists of incorrectly arranged lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

2.7. After entering the mandatory data of the Regulation mentioned in article 2.2, the Customers account will be automatically activated.

2.8. E-mail addresses are verified. The e-mail address is verified by sending a link from the platform to the Customer, via which the Customer then makes a confirmation.

2.9. The creation of a customer account is optional. The Customer can access the Service by simply entering data or by entering the following data: First and last names, email addresses and telephone numbers.

2.10. Access to the service from point 2.9. is only possible for customers who simultaneously agree to the data protection regulations and terms of use.






3.1. By adding photos and content to the Platforms system, Users acknowledge, guarantee and declare that they agree to the copyright of the photos/images and that the Platform may use the added photos/images on its website.

3.2. In accordance with article 3.1, the user must ensure that published photographs, images or other content does not contain viruses or Trojan horses, that no document is infected, that it does not contain pornographic, illegal, obscene, insulting, illicit material and that it does not infringe the rights (intellectual property, copyright or privacy rights) of third parties.

3.3. In connection with Article 3.1, in the event that a third party applies for the Platform and/or submits a claim against the Platform to the competent court for copyright protection of the Content and/or photographs and/or a claim for compensation, Users undertake to damage the Platform, to act as interveners on the Platforms side and to reimburse all damages and all costs incurred by the Platform as a result of the unauthorised use of the copyrighted work.

3.4. All rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, in all content, materials and information defined by the Platform and their appearance (including infrastructure) are owned by the Platform as owner and as such are not transferred to Users.




4.1. The business evaluation form is filled in by the customers and consists of the following parameters:

4.1.1. parameters to be filled in by the customer by entering comments (text)

-field for leaving positive comments;

-field for leaving negative comments .

4.1.2. parameters, in relation to which the customer gives an evaluation in percentage values in the range from 0 to 100% and refer to:


-accuracy/driver responsibility;

-Vehicle cleanliness;

-convenience in using the service;

-ratio between price and quality of the service provided.


4.2. Fulfilled parameters from article 4 .1.1. and article 4 .1.2. lead to a company evaluation of customers to which all users of the platform have access.

4.3. percentages given in relation to the parameters set in article 4.1.2. are added together and their mean value corresponds to the rating given by the customer.

4.4. The average of all the scores in Article 4.3 represents the company valuation.

4.5. In addition to the ratings given in percentages, customers also enter in the companys rating form the parameter relating to their willingness to recommend the company whose services they have used.

4.6. parameters from article 4 .5. can easily choose between the yes/maybe/no options indicated on the platform.

4.5. Access to the business evaluation form is only granted to customers who have used the service with that particular service provider.

4.6. The Customer accesses the business evaluation form by accessing the link that the Platform sends to his e-mail address after the realisation of the Service.




5.1. By accepting these Terms of Use, Users undertake to use the services of the Platform, to conduct activities on the Platform and activities in interaction with other Users in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia. Furthermore, they commit themselves to good business practices, morals, business ethics and the principle of conscientiousness and honesty.

5.2. By accepting these terms and conditions of use, users undertake in:




6.1. The Users agree that the contractual relationship between the Customers and the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "relationship"), as far as the provision of services is concerned, is exclusively a relationship between them, i.e. the Platform does not have the status of a party to the contract in the relationship between the Users.

6.2. The Platform does not guarantee or is not responsible for the establishment or non-establishment of any business or other relationship between Users or for the performance of their mutual obligations arising from such relationship, but only provides mediation services between Users to connect Users with appropriate instructions and offers.

6.3. If the User causes damage to another User in connection with the services of the Platform by misleading, fraud, violation of the right to privacy or in any other way, the Platform shall not be liable for such damage.

6.4. Users are fully responsible for the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness and timeliness of the information they publish (including prices/fees/availability/rules/conditions etc.), while the Platform is not responsible for errors (including obvious and literal) caused by interruptions. links on the Platform (whether they are malfunctioning, repair, improvement or maintenance of the Platform or anything else) or inaccurate, untrue or misleading information or missing information.

6.5. The Companys ratings on the Platform are not and should not be regarded as a recommendation or endorsement of the quality, service level, qualification of any available Company or its services and/or vehicles, but are a free rating of the Companys user and the Platform does not determine accuracy.

6.6. Complaints in connection with the Service regarding the price, rules or special requirements requested by the Customer will be resolved with the Service Provider. The Platform is not responsible and assumes no liability in connection with such complaints and requests.


  1. Delete User Accounts


7.1. The Platform has the right, directly or through a third party, to carry out such checks as it deems necessary to validate the Users identity and, in case of doubt, to ask the User to provide information in addition to that required for account registration.

7.2. The platform has the right to block or delete the user account if it does not receive any additional information necessary to validate the identity of the user referred to in Article 7 .1 .

7.3. It is at the discretion of the platform to delete the customers order in the following cases:

-if he suspects that the customer is committing a fraudulent act;

-if it is established that the customer is not acting in accordance with the rules of conduct set out in Article 5;

-if the customer violates the provisions of these terms of use;

-if the customers account is not active;

-if the platform discovers that the behaviour and/or content of the Customer tends to damage the reputation of the platform and/or damages the platform in any way;

-for any other reasons which the platform considers justified or appropriate.

7.4. If the Platform deletes the user account for one of the above-mentioned reasons, the Platform may, at its own discretion, block the Internet Protocol address (IP address) to prevent the same user from registering again.


  1. Settlement of disputes with the platform


8.1. The application of the procedural and substantive law of the Republic of Serbia and the judicial forum of the same country is agreed for all disputes and legal issues arising from the Users relationship with the Platform.

8.2. The users and the Platform agree that they will resolve any possible misunderstandings amicably. If they fail to do so, they agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the court in Negotin, Republic of Serbia, to settle the dispute.

8.3. All requests/claims submitted by Users against the Platform, i.e. disputes initiated by Users against the Platform, must be settled in accordance with the terms and rules of these Terms and Conditions, the Law on Obligations [3] of the Republic of Serbia and other applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia that regulate the matter of these Terms and Conditions of Use.


  1. Settlement of disputes with other users


9.1. If a dispute arises between the Users or between the User and any third party regarding the content or services provided by the Platform, the Users agree that the Platform is not obliged to intervene on the part of the User, nor is the Platform obliged to participate in any way in the resolution of such dispute (in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use).

9.2. In the event of a dispute pursuant to Article 12.1, the Users undertake not to provide the Platforms data in their requests, nor to make the Platforms data publicly available in any way whatsoever, unless they are obliged to do so by the mandatory provisions of positive legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia.




10.1. Deactivation of the Account means that You will contact the Platform to permanently delete the Account from the Platform. This will prevent the User from continuing to use the Service.

10.2. Deactivation of use also means termination of the legal/contractual relationship from the terms of use, which has a pro-futuro effect.

10.3. The platform has the right to store some of the Users personal data in order to comply with its legal and contractual obligations.

10.4. Deactivation of the account by the User does not necessarily imply the deletion of information/data relating to a specific User, which was on the Users account or which relates to the Users actions in relation to the Platform Service, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.




11.1. The Platform uses the Customers data in accordance with the Privacy Policy and undertakes to protect the privacy of all Customers in order to collect only the necessary basic data about Users, i.e. the data necessary for the Service, the fulfilment of contractual obligations and the provision of information to Customers in accordance with the Good Business Conditions and in order to provide quality service, all in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

11.2. The establishment of a legal relationship with the platform implies acceptance of the Privacy Policy, which forms part of and is attached to these Terms of Use. The Platform Service may not be used by customers who contradict the use of their data as provided for in the Privacy Policy.

11.3. It is prohibited to use the customers data and in particular the users contact details for marketing purposes unless the customer has given his express consent to such use.

11.4. All information about Users on the Platform is kept strictly confidential and is only available to Platform Administrators who need this information to perform work that Administrators can access and make changes only as directed by the User. The Platform is responsible for compliance with the Privacy Principles Privacy Statement and records of personal data processing.




12.1. In the event that a third party approaches the Platform with a request and/or brings a claim against the Platform before the competent court for damages caused by a breach of any provision of these Terms of Use by the User or a breach of applicable provisions of the Republic of Serbia or the rights of third parties during the use of the Service and/or in connection with the use of the Service as an intervening party on the side of the Platform, the User undertakes to initiate proceedings and to compensate any damages and all costs incurred by the Platform as a result of such damages.




13.1. Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their profile and are fully responsible for all activities on their profile and for all other actions taken in connection with the profiles.

13.2. Users must notify the Platform as soon as they become aware of or suspect any unauthorised use/access to their profile and/or any other breach of security of the profile and/or the Platform.

13.3. Users are obliged to do everything possible to protect their profile, i.e. to prevent unauthorised access to the profile and/or security breaches

13.4. The Platform shall not be liable for any act and/or omission by the User, including any damages of any kind resulting from such act and/or omission.

13.5. Users are solely responsible for the password of their profile and may not share it with others. The Platform shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage caused by unauthorised access to the Users profile because the User has not provided his password, or for any other errors made by the User.




14.1. For any information, users can contact the Platforms e-service providing technical support services at the following contact details:





15.1. Users declare that they have read, understood and accepted the Terms of Use and that they voluntarily enter into a legal/contractual relationship with the Platform.

15.2. Users declare that they have read, understood and accepted the Privacy Policy, which is considered a general act of the Platform and an integral part of the Terms of Use, and which relates directly to issues relating to the protection of customers personal data, their collection, processing, storage and dissemination.

15.3. Users declare that they have read, understood and accepted the rules which, as a special act of the Platform and an integral part of the Terms of Use, regulate in more detail the rules for customers concerning the details of the Service.

15.4. By the acceptance described in paragraphs 15.1, 15.2 and 15.3 of this Article of the Terms of Use, the legal/contractual relationship between the Platform and the User is deemed to have been established.





Rules for the platform


  1. When booking services via the platform, it is required that the person, the holder of the reservation, is of legal age.

  2. It is necessary to choose a place of departure (pick up passengers) where the vehicle can be stopped.

  3. When booking a transfer from the airport, the customer should enter the departure time of the transfer at the scheduled landing time of the aircraft. If the flight time changes, the customer is obliged to inform the company as soon as possible.

  4. The operators are not responsible for flight delays, so when booking transfers to the airport, they are obliged to pay attention to the departure time and to plan for it, taking into account the check-in time, the transfer duration and a buffer. For example: Flight time is at 10:00, check-in is 2 hours earlier, the transfer takes 1 hour, the buffer is 1 hour, therefore the departure time for the transfer to the airport should be booked at 6:00.

  5. Customers must be at the departure point 15 minutes before departure to ensure that they leave on time.

  6. If the Customer notices that he is late, he is obliged to call the Company and inform it, otherwise the Company waits only 15 minutes and considers this as non-appearance.

  7. Failure to appear shall be considered as absence of the Customer at the place of departure at the latest 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time or 60 minutes during the airport transfer from the airport. In case of no-show, the Customer is obliged to pay the full amount of the reservation to the Company and is not entitled to a refund.

  8. If the luggage is larger than 70x50x30, contact the company before the transfer.

  9. On arrival at the transfer, a booking confirmation is required (in printed or electronic form), which you must present to the driver/guide if required.

  10. The customer must strictly observe the time for which he/she has booked the vehicle, otherwise the Company has the right to charge for any overdraft.

  11. If the transfer is not possible due to problems with travel documents or passenger visas, the responsibility is yours. In this case the transfer is considered to be realised.






Based on the Act on Personal Data Protection4, Saša Čečulović PR Internet and Services Negotin , on 15.05.2020. Year brings the following:






    1. This Act (hereinafter referred to as: Privacy Policy) informs Users about what personal data is collected by the operator platform, the purpose and basis of its processing, the duration of data retention, instructions on the rights of the platform's customers and the procedures in case of incidents, as well as the consent of the customers that the platform may collect, process and store their personal data, as further specified in the text .

    2. The Platform uses the Customer's data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and undertakes to protect the privacy of all Customers in order to collect only the necessary basic data about Customers, i.e. data necessary for the operation of the Service, the fulfilment of contractual obligations and the provision of information to Customers in accordance with good business practices and to provide quality service, all in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

    3. By registering the account, the Customer declares that he has read, understood and accepted this Privacy Policy, i.e. that he has agreed to the collection, processing and storage of data in the manner prescribed in the Privacy Policy.

    4. The Customer declares that before registering the account and accepting the Privacy Policy, he/she has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions contained in the Terms of Use of the document (hereinafter referred to as the: Services Negotin ).

    5. The internet platform available at is owned and controlled bySaša Čečulović PR Internet and Services Negotin ((hereinafter referred to as the: Operator).

    6. The Data Protection Directive is drafted in accordance with the rules of the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia. The rules of this document apply to everything not regulated by the Privacy Policy in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection.





    1. The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the following meanings:




    1. DATA MANAGER Saša Čečulović PR Internet and Services Negotin , more precisely defined in article 2.1. point 1 with contact details as in article 1 5..

    2. Operator under Article 3.1. is responsible for personal data collected from the Customer in the manner and to the extent provided by this Act and the law.

    3. The controller shall take the necessary technical, organisational and human resources measures to ensure that the processing is carried out in accordance with the law and to be able to present to the customer risks to the rights and freedoms of the user, taking into account the nature, scope, circumstances and purpose of the processing and the likelihood of the risk and the level.

    4. Information on which of the employees or otherwise in contact with the Operator has access to personal data and who is its Administrator is contained in the record of processing activities pursuant to Article 13.


  1. CUSTOMER DATA collected and processed


    1. In order to fulfil the rights and obligations stipulated in the Operator's Terms of Use, as well as legal obligations, legitimate interests and reasons for improvement, more efficient and legal work of the Operator or the Customer's consent, which is explained in detail below, the Operator collects and processes the Customer's personality.

    2. The operator collects and processes the following customer data:

    1. customer data whose collection / processing is not mandatory:

    1. Special categories of personal data

      1. The controller shall not process data relating to ethnic origin, political opinions, philosophical beliefs, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of the unique identification of individuals, data concerning sexual life or sexual orientation of a natural person.

      2. Exception to article 4.4.1. may be data published by the customer himself in special requests

    2. Data received from the Internet browser of the website visitors - cookies

      1. The operator may retrieve data from website visitors, namely a statistical cookie called HTTP cookie of type _utma, provided by and used by Google Analytics to improve the website and provide better service to website users.

      2. The data from the previous article will be used to collect data on the number of visits of visitors to the Website and the data of their first and last visits to the Website and will be kept for two years.

      3. In order to collect this information, website visitors need to give their consent in accordance with Article 6 of this Privacy Policy.


    1. BOOKTRANSFER PORTAL Users can access their account via a login form consisting of two fields:

      1. The User Name is the name chosen by the user of the Website in accordance with the rules set out in the Terms of Use.

      2. The code is stored in the operator's IT support database without third parties having access to it.

      3. The Customer may, if desired, display a photo in his/her account that is visible to other users. When the Customer submits his or her photo, it will be assumed that by taking final action, the Customer has given his or her consent to the processing and use of this photo as personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.



    1. The data referred to in Article 4 shall be processed by the operator:

    1. The controller shall process the data referred to in Article 4 for the following purposes:


    1. Processing for other purposes

      1. If the processing for a purpose other than that for which the data were collected is not based on the law or on the consent of the data subject, the processor shall assess, in accordance with appropriate security measures, whether the other purpose of the processing is compatible with the purpose for which the data were collected, having particular regard to:


    1. The controller is obliged to take appropriate technical, organisational and human resources measures at all times to ensure that only personal data necessary for the fulfilment of each individual processing purpose are processed. This applies with regard to the number of data collected, the scope of their processing and the storage period. and their availability.


    1. The consent given by the customer can be in a separate form or integrated into the Data Protection Directive as a whole, so that a separate part of it, identified by Article 6, with a clear and prominent title "consent", the content of which is described in an informed manner and formed in a transparent, comprehensible, accessible, clear and simple way in the manner required by law.

    2. The Customer is not bound to give consent to the provision of a service or part of the service for which consent is not required and it is considered voluntary, unless without processing for which consent is required the user cannot exercise his right.

    3. The customer has the right to revoke this consent at any time. Revocation of consent shall not affect the permissibility of processing on the basis of the consent prior to revocation. Before consent is given, the data subject must be informed about the right of revocation and the consequences of revocation. Withdrawal of consent must be as simple as consent.

    4. The customer has the right to revoke the consent to processing at any time only on the basis of the consent as a basis, provided that the revocation of the consent does not affect the permissibility of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent prior to the revocation by written notification to the operator.

    5. Consent may also be given in electronic form, so that customers have the opportunity to read the text of the consent when requesting use of the service and to decide whether or not to accept it by clicking on a box in accordance with Article 6.

    6. data relating to the person whose basis for processing is the consent of the person to whom the data relate:




    1. The right to information and the right of access to information:

      1. The operator is obliged to provide the following information on the customer, at the customer's request, in a precise, transparent, comprehensible and easily accessible manner, in clear and simple words:

      1. Upon request under Article 7.1.1, the operator shall respond within 30 days, provided that this period may be extended by a further 60 days if necessary taking into account the complexity and number of requests. The operator is obliged to inform the customer about the extension of the time limit and the reasons for this extension within 30 days of receipt of the request. If the customer has submitted the request electronically, the information must be transmitted electronically if possible.

    1. Right of rectification and completion

      1. The customer has the right to have his incorrect personal data corrected immediately if possible. Depending on the purpose of the processing, the Customer has the right to complete his incomplete personal data, including an additional declaration.

      2. Where it is possible to make the correction by correcting, deleting and entering various data by the User, the same correction shall be made from Article 7.2.1 or shall be made alone.

      3. If the Customer is not able to make the correction and modification in the manner specified in Article 7.2.2, a request will be sent to the Operator.

    2. Right to delete

      1. If the legal requirements are met, the operator must immediately delete the personal data mentioned in Article 4 at the request of the client in the following cases:

    1. The right to restrict processing

      1. The Customer has the right to request the Operator to restrict the processing of data concerning him, if the processing is unlawful, if this indicates the inaccuracy of the data, if an objection to the processing is filed in accordance with the law, as well as for other legal reasons.

    2. The right of objection

      1. Depending on the individual case and if it is considered justified, the Customer has the right to object to the Operator at any time to the processing of his personal data, which is based on consent, and the Operator is obliged to stop processing the Customer's data.

      2. The operator is not obliged to interrupt the processing in the manner referred to in Article 7. 5 .1. if he has shown to the customer that there are legal grounds for processing which take precedence over the interests, rights or freedoms of that customer or are related to the filing, implementation or defence of legal claims.



    1. The client's personal data, which are in Article 4, are stored on the share hosting - serverHetzner Online GmbH, in the Federal Republic of Germany.

    2. In case of a change of the data storage location for data storage in accordance with Article 8.1, the Operator shall amend the Privacy Policy and notify the Customer thereof.

    3. The location data for each data item shall be included in the records of processing activities referred to in Article 13, which shall be kept and updated in electronic form.



    1. The Operator is entitled to use the services of accounting agencies, programmers, IT consultants and other external and internal employees to fulfil the obligations arising from the Terms of Use, to execute payment transactions and legal obligations, to maintain services and improve his work, for whose work and results he is responsible by law.

    2. Processors for each data are identified in the records of processing activities referred to in Article 13.

    3. The Operator guarantees that the Processor will take the necessary technical, organisational and personnel measures to ensure that the processing is carried out in accordance with the law and to ensure adequate protection of the User's personal data.

    4. For the purpose of providing the conditions referred to in Article 9(3) . The controller and the processor may conclude a data processing contract which shall form an integral or ancillary part of the basic contract and which shall contain, inter alia, all the elements required by law.



    1. In assessing the level of security required for personal data, the controller shall take into account and monitor the level of technological advances and the cost of their application. He then uses these parameters to assess the nature, scope, circumstances and purpose of the data processing in order to assess the probability of risk and the freedom of the customer.

    2. Customer data collected via the operator's website is provided with an SSL certificate.

    3. With regard to the circumstances referred to in Article 1. 1 .1 The operator shall take appropriate technical, organisational and personnel measures to achieve the required organisational level of risk.

    4. When sending data to the processors, the operator is obliged to provide a secure communication channel through which the data is transmitted and to ensure that the data is stored securely with appropriate security standards.

    5. A description of the organisational and technical security for each data referred to in Article 4 is included in the records of the processing activities referred to in Article 13.



    1. If the data referred to in Article 4, the security referred to in Article 10, is compromised, the Operator shall take all necessary notification and protection measures provided by law, including notification of the competent supervisory authority and customers when the requirements of the Privacy Policy and the law are met.

    2. In the event of a data breach, the operator is obliged to inform the supervisory authority of the breach of data protection rights of a person who may pose a risk to the customers rights immediately or no later than 72 hours after becoming aware of the breach. If the deadline is not met, the operator shall explain the reasons for the delay.

    3. notification by the operator to the regulatory body in accordance with Article 1 1 .2. shall contain at least the following information:

    1. In case of violation of the right to protection of personal data, the Operator is obliged to inform the Users about the violation of personal data, which may pose a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons.

    2. notification of the customer in accordance with Article 1 1 .4. it shall clearly and comprehensibly describe the nature of the data and provide the information referred to in Article 1 1 .3.

    3. The operator is not obliged to inform the customer in the situation referred to in Article 1 1 .4 if:



    1. The data referred to in Article 4 shall be kept as a separate document, kept and updated by the operator, in accordance with the information contained in the records on the processing of personal data of the user referred to in Article 1 3.

    2. The data referred to in Article 4 shall be kept for as long as necessary for the purpose for which they are processed, but for no longer than 10 years as an obligation to keep records.



    1. The controller shall keep records of the processing of the users personal data in accordance with Article 4 of this Privacy Policy.

    2. In addition to the name and business data of the operator, the records shall consist of the following information: group of persons whose data are processed, category of personal data, purpose of processing, third parties to whom data are disclosed, duration of data storage, description of protective measures, form of data storage .

    3. records referred to in Article 1 3.1. it shall be kept in electronic form and shall be permanently retained in accordance with the law .



    1. The Supervisory Authority for the Protection of Personal Data in the Republic of Serbia is the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Protection of Personal Data in the Republic of Serbia. You can contact the Authority at Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 15, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, by e-mail at or by telephone at +381 11 3408 900.

    2. The operator shall cooperate with the Commissioner in the exercise of his powers in accordance with the obligations imposed by law.



    1. In the event that it is necessary to interpret the provisions of the Privacy Policy, exercise the rights of the Customer under Article 4 and other issues provided for by law, the User may contact the Operator to obtain the following contact information:


    1. By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use, the User confirms that he/she accepts the Privacy Policy, that he/she has read and understood it and that he/she agrees with the principles and purposes of data processing prescribed in this document.

    2. All changes to the Privacy Policy will be made publicly available in the designated place on the Operators website. Users will be notified via the same means of communication or e-mail addresses in such a way that they can read the new document.



    1. The substantive law applicable to the processing of the Customers personal data in connection with the processing by the Operator is the law of the Republic of Serbia, the Personal Data Protection Act and, if applicable, the DPA.

    2. Administrative and judicial proceedings shall be conducted by the local authorities and competent courts of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the positive legal provisions of that country.







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